Monday 24 May 2010

Music in Worship Day, Witney

On 6th March a CMM team traveled to Welcome Evangelical Church in Witney in Oxfordshire for a music in worship day. Paul Herrington, who has been a CMM associate for some years training choirs for our Lee Abbey weeks in particular, invited us to lead a day specially tailored for musicians and worship leaders.

The CMM team for the day was Roger, Annie and Helen as well as Alan on drums, Marilyn on flute, Paul Herrington on keys and Caroline Finney as a singer. It was great to have such a big team, and wonderful to have Alan on drums as always - in the afternoon session as part of the worship block, Alan gave a wonderful worshipful improvisation. It's not often we have a percussion planned spontaneous happening!

In the morning Roger led worship and then Helen spoke on being a worshipper, and then Roger led a couple of workshops on planning, structuring and leading praise before finishing off the day with some creative and prophetic worship.

We were brilliantly looked after by Shirley Enoch and some others from the Witney choir.

Another highlight of the day was being joined by a couple of local instrumentalists - a flautist and a saxophonist.

It was a lovely day, and God was certainly blessing and meeting with people. And we hope those that attended were also helped to grow in their worship leading skills.

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