Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Treloyhan Holiday Week

The start of September saw our final family holiday week of the year come and go. The week took place at Treloyhan Manor Hotel, St. Ives, Cornwall. This is one of the smaller of the Christian Guild hotels, but it is absolutely beautiful, and wonderfully situated.
On this week, Roger and Mary were joined by Phil Parkin (former conductor of the CMM choir and CMM administrator), Caroline Finney (the original Mary Magdalene (!)), Bill Carpenter (Silas in Jail Break and Cornelius in Rock), and Amy Carter (instrumentalist in Jail Break and Rock). There was also a couple who were the hosts for the week from Christian Guild. The team gelled really well together, and had a brilliant time working with the 30 or so guests to perform Saints Alive at the end of the week.

As well as all the musical work, this was a wonderful week spiritually, with many people really blessed by God. Roger was buzzing with stories when he returned to Birmingham. Here is a snapshot from an email he sent during the week:

"I am really thrilled with how well things are progressing. The Team (inc. Mary, Amy, Phil, Bill, Caroline) is gelling very well indeed, and I am quite surpised at how much praying with folk there already has been. The teaching has been well received and we have had great times of worship. Our prophetic night was very exciting.

"One amazing thing - a lady is here who suffered a serious head injury some time ago and displays quite odd speech and behaviour. But she really loves Jesus and is open to the Spirit. Already she has had a prophecy and a picture!

"Once again, this is a very special week and God is doing some very deep things with some of the people. SAINTS ALIVE! on Friday evening will be a very lovely and worshipful occasion."

And it was - so I understand! Phil Parkin conducted, and then Roger spoke and conducted the last song.
Thank God for the amazing way he has used our music weeks this year - bring on next year!

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