Monday 28 September 2009

Apostle in a day

On the same day as Sarah's Angel Voices in a day, Annie went to Holy Trinity, Eccleshall in Staffordshire to lead Apostle in a day. She was accompanied by Jonathan Chappell (singing the part of Paul), Helen (singing the part of Ananias) and Laura Rhodes (dance workshop leader).

The day was actually a wonderful reunion for the Saints Alive group in Eccleshall, who are a group who regularly meet together, performing a musical each year with huge amounts of costume, drama and scenery. This year they decided to have a little break and have CMM do all the hard work, just simply performing this musical from scratch.

It was a wonderful day. There were about 40 in the choir, a small orchestra, and one very good dancer who worked with Laura to perform in two of the songs.

This is the email we received from them:

"Dear Annie

There was almost as much of a buzz on "the morning after the night before" in Holy Trinity Church yesterday! We all had a wonderful time on Saturday, and the audience were really appreciative of what we had to show them in the evening. You and your team were fantastic, and we do thank you so much for your time, your gifts, your patience.

You lead and managed the choir and orchestra brilliantly - we learnt a lot from you, and we were amazed by what we achieved - through your calm and effective leadership. You were all so kind - Helen moved her position so that she could ensure that Sophie knew where she was with her flute (recorder) music - Sophie was really pleased with her achievement! - Laura was so good with Annabel - there were lots of comments about the dance - lovely! I gather that Jonathan was doing another solo part somewhere the following evening!

A number of us are intending to come and see "Rock" - probably at Symphony Hall (some of us came and joined the choir at Symphony Hall when you did Jailbreak there (we had done it ourselves that summer) - a great experience that was!).

We will be talking about asking you back for another musical in a day - so many people got a lot out of it - a wonderful spirit - fun and fellowship............. So, thank you again to you, and please pass on our thanks again to your colleagues.

With very best wishes


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