Thursday 4 June 2009

Ways to Praise in Cumnor, Oxon

On 16th May, Roger travelled down to Cumnor in Oxfordshire to lead a Ways to Praise afternoon and evening. Roger was without Annie or Helen for the event, so instead he had a crack team of musicians supporting him - Paul Herrington on keyboard, Sarah Moreton on vocals and guitar, Kathleen Owen and Eddie Smith on vocals, Lorna Mitchell on Violin, Jonathan Warburton on Trombone, Alan Smith on drums and Marilyn Ellis on Flute. Roger was so impressed with the team he felt it was like leading worship at Spring Harvest!
Many of those who came to the event were from the Oxford Choir for Rock, trained by Alan Roberts and organised by Elizabeth Kirby. They also meet together when there isn't a touring musical to take part in. Many of the people at the event were also involved in music ministry in some way, so this was a great opportunity for CMM to support and encourage those people.
Many people felt God's blessing, with one person coming to Christ, and there lots of dancing with flags - dancers including one lady who had felt some amazing healing and release from anxiety and stress.
Praise God for all he has been doing.

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