Monday 23 February 2009

A sad announcement...

We received this email from Carol Lawrence:

Just to let you know that Peter died last night at quarter past midnight on the morning of Sunday 22nd February. His health had declined all week until by the end he was sleeping all of the time and we had nurses coming in every morning and night to care for him. His breathing became difficult on Saturday and although the nurse gave him drugs to help this it didn't totally solve the problem. The whole family have been here at home since Wednesday and we have all been able to spend time with him. Amanda was sitting with him until midnight and then left him in the care of the Marie Curie nurse. 15 minutes later he stopped breathing.

Peter and Carol have played an incredibly important role in the life of CMM - particularly in introducing Roger and Mary to ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit. Peter and Carol were also instrumental in Roger's decision to go into full time ministry. Peter will be greatly missed, and all our prayers are with the family at this time.

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