Friday, 20 February 2009

Rock Roadshows

From the Rock Blog:

The first three Rock Roadshows have now been completed, and we're absolutely thrilled with them.

The days ran as follows:

Roger's first plenary session "I will follow you" looked at the call of the first disciples, looking particularly at story as told in Mark's gospel. The particular focus was on Mark 1:18, a short, yet very pithy verse: "Immediately they left their nets and followed him." You can guess Roger's three points - Immediately, Left their nets, Followed him.

The second plenary session "Prophetic Worship - Do you love me" was an interactive session enabling the delegates to develop their creativity in worship, and then to invite the Spirit to come and turn their creativity into prophecy.

After lunch, the group split into three workshops led by the CMM team. These were:
"This is the place" - receiving the power of the Holy Spirit
"The look of love" - receiving the look of love from Jesus
"Working in the Father's business" - using the gifts of the Holy Spirit

And then the final session of the day was "Feed my sheep - a Chosen People" - a general encouraging and building up session led by Roger, leaving time for ministry at the end. This looked at 1 Peter 2.

The first area choir to take the plunge was Manchester, and their day was held at Bamford Chapel in Rochdale. The choir, led by Walter Brisk, have been long-term supporters of CMM. There were 50 delegates, and a CMM team consisting of Roger, Annie, Mike and Barbara Rowarth (EBRG), Gill and Brian Johnson (EBRG), Jonathan Chappell from the Rock cast, and Barrie Renwick and Brenda Earnshaw from the Rock Touring Party. We had a CMM music group like no other - Annie on keys, Jonathan on his 12 string guitar and Brenda on flute.

Two weeks later we didn't have to travel far at all and held the day in Birmingham for the four choirs that made up the choir for the premiere. 50 people braved the snow and joined in the fun at Christ Church, Ward End. The team for the day included Roger, Mary, Helen, Helen's sister Miriam, Martin Fisher, Devon Brown, Jonathan Chappell (all from Rock Cast), Anne Maddox (Roger's PA), Alan and Sue Walker (EBRG), as well as the local CMM choir team of Pat, Linda and Denise. We also managed to force Rachel Walker to join in with the team too, rather than hiding at the back...

And then a week and a whole lot of snow later, the team travelled to Doncaster. Roger was supported this time by Annie, Gill and Brian Johnson (EBRG), Richard Harvey and Ann Steer from the Rock Cast, Amy Carter (instrumentalist) and Barrie Renwick from the Rock touring party. Over 70 people were at the day, mostly from the Doncaster and Sheffield choirs, although there were a couple of people from Hull.

A great time was had by all. Have a look at the CMM website for details of the Roadshows to come - the next one is in Crowborough on Saturday June 13th.

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