Tuesday 14 October 2008

More than just a service station...

On Saturday, Helen, accompanied by her team consisting of Martin, Ann, Eddie and Jenny, travelled to Toddington for 'David in a Day'. It was a beautiful day, so the choir learnt it particularly quickly so that they could have lots of breaks outside in the sunshine!

There were about 20 in the choir, all excellent singers and very keen. There were two particularly good lads who sang some solo parts, including one who sang the part of David in the David and Goliath song. We also had some excellent instrumentalists - two clarinets, an oboe, an euphonium, a drummer and 5 year old Luke on the descant recorder, improvising his own special part.

Ann led a dance workshop for her dancers who ranged in age from 5 - 85, which all combined to make a very exciting performance.

Excitingly, Ruth, the organiser, is considering using David in the future to do a full concert with a much bigger orchestra and choir - they seem to have got quite a taste for it!

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