Friday 10 October 2008

David at Brent Knoll

If any of you travel down the M5, and you get to just beyond Weston Super Mare, a little before junction 22, you can look to your right and see a hill stood there on its own. This is Brent Knoll, and it is to Brent Knoll Roger and Mary travelled last weekend with their friends David and Ruth from Norwich.

The choir from the three benefice churches of Brent Knoll, Somerset – only about 18 of them, including soloists – did DAVID – which is the 3rd of Roger's musicals that they have performed in recent years. Roger, Mary, Ruth and David had a lovely time, and we are delighted that the people of the Brent Knoll churches hope to be involved with ROCK at Weston Playhouse next October.

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