Monday 2 June 2008


The rest of the week at Abbot Hall went very well indeed. The orchestra and choir combined beautifully for an excellent (and unique) performance, and they were well supported by a full audience. Special mention goes to Annie for training the orchestra, and Sharon for training the choir. Thanks also go to Marian and John, our hosts for the week.

CMM lead a number of music weeks every year. For details of the other weeks, please contact the CMM office on 0121 7833291:
14th-18th July: Jail Break healing week - Harnhill
21st-25th July: Pharisee music week - Bognor Regis
2nd-9th August: Pharisee music week - Lee Abbey
16th-23rd August: Pharisee music week - Scargill
6th-13th September: David music week - St. Ives


Our hosts John and Marian

Some of the sopranos and altos

The tenors and basses

Some of the orchestra

The audience

Some more of the orchestra

Roger with some soloists

Annie and Sharon at the piano

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