Thursday, 1 May 2008

Saints Alive - CMM Choir
Sunday 27th April
West Bromwich Baptist Church

The weather was atrocious leading up to the performance, and I thought that people would not turn up, but I was wrong. The church was packed with aproximately 160 people spanning every age group and background. The choir, under Miriam Bell though was down to 43, but with the size of the room with a low ceiling it worked out perfectly.

The choir and the congregation all seemed to enjoy themselves and again we were well looked after, with an endless supply of drinks and cake. Afterwards, there was plenty of time for fellowship as we had an early start to the performance with a majority remaining behind for this.

I found this to be the best performance so far, and I went home really feeling that the Spirit was working within me.

A big thankyou to everyone involved, especially Miriam.

by Denise Raby (alto)

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