Tuesday 18 March 2008

Message from Canada part 2

Here's the second message Roger sent:


Hi Folks

We are nearly at the end of our trip now. It will be good to be back, although it is going really well here. We have just had two great performances of JAIL BREAK – good attendances, great response, and people being prayed with afterwards. We are really aware of God at work and it is right that we are here at this time.

The Anglican Church in Canada is struggling with the issue of “same-sex blessings”. Most evangelicals/charismatics are vehemently opposed to this, and so are leaving or are being dismissed. Congregations are confused, worried, divided, etc. Please pray.

The situation at St John’s Church in Duncan is sad, with Glyn the Rector off sick for months. Pray for them, especially Dale Huston the “stand-in” Priest and Sue Doughty who leads the music. They will need to be open to all God is doing and receive his guidance and strength.

We are so sure that this has been God’s timing for us to be here, both in Victoria and Duncan. The folk are open to the work of the Spirit, but really need the leaders to be Bible-based and willing to lead them in moving on in the gifts of the Spirit.

JAIL BREAK has been a message “in season”, and God has touched many lives through it. Pray that this will continue and that the “seeds sown” will go on building up the church.

Do have a look at our photos – they show views of this beautiful place and also pictures of the many lovely people who have made us so welcome:
Roger's Photobucket Site

So we are soon off to our final Production, and then to Vancouver “enroute” home in the morning (Monday). We should arrive back in Birmingham on Tuesday afternoon at 1600.

Bless you all, and thank you for your prayers.

Roger + Devon & Kathleen

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