Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Warm, Windless Whitby - is that possible?

Last week, Roger, Annie, Barbara, Mike and myself led a Jail Break healing week at Moorlands, the Christian Guild hotel in Whitby. Every day Roger taught on a different topic from Acts 16, then Annie and Helen taught Jail Break, all leading up to a worshipful performance on Thursday evening.

We were exceptionally well looked after by the hotel, and the teaching and ministry sessions went well. But the week was made even more special by the unbelievably beautiful weather. Last year the wind was incredibly strong, the temperatures freezing and even snow on the ground. This year, there was hardly any wind and soaring temperatures (for February).

One of the exciting things about CMM's ministry at the moment is the training element. In the teaching about music in praise and worship we endeavour to encourage people in their faith and intimacy with God. Alongside this though, we are trying to enable people to step out and minister to one another - something that not many Christians get to do regularly in their churches, but which should be part of the 'normal Christian life'.

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