Friday 7 December 2007


We're getting into the Inn Crowd performance time of year, with lots and lots of events across the country. Amazingly, we're onto our third reprint of the books, which means we've sold over 1500 copies. And when you think of all those who used word copies too, that's a lot of singers!

The CMM choir's performances are going well. Two are completed and there is one to go. Peter Hazelwood and Sue Walker star as Sam and Debbie, and Jonathan Chappell and Fran (?) make a wonderful Joseph and Mary. Prayers are needed for their conductor who has not been well - the audience at Marston Green on Saturday were treated to a suprise visit from Roger as stand-in conductor. Hopefully, Penny will be well enough on Sunday to hear the results of all her hard work training the East Birmingham choir.
Photos: Fran and Jonathan as Mary and Joe in rehearsal; the three 'wise' men rehearsing.

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