Friday 16 November 2007

Sing to the Lord

A fabulous day was had by all at Christ Church, Ward End on Saturday. About 60 people were present for our day of vocal workshops and choral singing.

Penny King and Katie Leaver led the day. They are both incredibly gifted singing teachers, and were able to teach some of the tricks of the trade, while enabling us to put them into practice in the choral pieces.

Ably assisted by Annie on the keyboard, the performance at the end of the day in front of an audience of 3 (Roger, Alan and God), was a wonderful end to the day. Interspersed between the choral pieces, Penny and Katie sang solos and duets - a real highlight.

This is a course we certainly hope to develop for the future.
Photos: Katie Leaver and Penny King; the delegates at the course

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