Monday 26 November 2007

Scratch Inn Crowd in Ipswich

This weekend, Annie, Helen, Simon, Laura and Catherine travelled across to Ipswich to lead The Inn Crowd in a day at Bethesda Baptist Church. The organiser, Peter Miller, had worked incredibly hard with his team of helpers, and managed to convince a choir of nearly 90 and an orchestra of 15 to come.

Helen spent the morning and some of the afternoon working with the choir, who made a beautiful sound - there were a lot of talented people among them.

Annie led the orchestra and then the full rehearsal and performance. She had to stand on a box in a pew so that all of the singers could see her properly. As there were so many in the choir they were arranged not only across the stage but down both sides as well, and at one point in the rehearsal, in the pulpit, the choir stalls and on the steps up to the pulpit!

Simon, Catherine and Laura also earnt their keep. Simon sang the part of the Inn Keeper, and Catherine the part of Mary. They also helped to train the soloists, and the wonderful group of children who played the shepherds. Laura, as ever, was the ultimate bookstall keeper.

The day was very tiring but an immense success, and hopefully we will be able to return to Ipswich for a performance of Rock in 2009.

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