Tuesday 30 October 2007

An old classic...

CMM has been in action again this weekend. Firstly, Roger was involved with the Brent Knoll performance of Snakes and Ladders. If ever you travel down the M5, and see an isolated hill on your left just past Bristol, well that's Brent Knoll. The churches together there performed Snakes and Ladders with a small choir, but with a huge amount of enthusiasm. Roger reports that their performance was wonderful, and very well received.

Also, on Saturday, Phil Parkin, now retired but formerly part of the CMM office staff, led A Grain of Mustard Seed in a day at Elmdon Methodist Church. The 30 strong choir did a fantastic job, and an audience of 40-50 enjoyed the final performance. Phil has not conducted anything since his retirement from the CMM choir, and he says he was a little rusty, but soon remembered how to conduct. He loved having the baton back in his hands - watch out world!
Photo: Phil Parkin at his retirement, December 2005

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